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Training And Career Programs

      Due to the facts that a rapid development has been experienced at the international dimension of the health system in recent years and the hospitals have been equipped with the highest level of technological equipment, physicians' demands for achieving the European and American educational standards have been revealed.Many physicians serving in various countries opt for working in certain periods as an observer doctor in countries such as Turkey in the first place, Sweden, the United States and Cyprus.

      As Healthway, our special objective is provide the last years students of Medical School, specialized doctors and nurses from many countries with the participation to the short and long term training programs in healthcare. As a result of theoretical and practical training programs provided by Healthway, every healthcare professional who participate in the training will practice with the patients in the branches they requested using the high-end medical technology and at the same time they will have receive theoretical training at the academic level from the prominent health professionals.

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Tell us the branches that you would like to receive training on. Special short-term observer training program will be created tailored for your needs.

15-30-45-60 days observer training programs for doctors

15-30-45-60 days observer training programs with nurses

Procedures for participation to training programs

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